Once Upon a Time . . .
glass bongBongs were stripped from retail stores and shops during the 70’s as the label of “paraphernalia” was placed upon these beautiful glass blown vessels. One infamous gaffer who created and sold his own line of glass, blown for smoking, Tommy Chong, was actually imprisoned for nine months for this. But perhaps for reasons that may rest with the power of true artistic expression being a soul-feeder and therefore, an imperative part of our society, glass blowing and bong outlet withstood this hurdle of social conscientiousness and restrictions were lifted, leading to our present-day celebration of the uniqueness of the art form.

Glasscrafting Classes
Other than professional international glass blowing studios, both virtual and online classes are numerous in areas of the country and online, affordable for those who are interested in taking the path of becoming a freelance gaffer. These can be weekend sessions or weekly classes, depending upon what suits you. Online classes are obviously more convenient and can easily be worked into your already busy schedule. It is encouraged for you to attend a glass blowing convention at different venues around the country during each year. This is where you can ask all of your questions and get expert and experienced answers to make sure this is a good fit for you before you commit the money and time for the classes.

Outstanding Glass Blower Artists of Today
Karen LaMonte
A Fullbright scholar, LaMonte attended a glass blowing studio in Bohemia, took one full year to make her signature glass cast life-sized sculpture of a pure white gown, which is displayed in the Smithsonian American Art Museum. She created this exquisite work using a lost technique of wax casting.

Tom Fruin
If you cross the Brooklyn or Manhattan Bridges in New York, you can catch sight of Fruin’s “Watertower” sculpture, made of thousands of scrap plexiglass shapes in a variety of color. It is massive in size, with ladders to traverse inside and out.

Marta Klonowska
bongKlonowska uses a metal skeleton, and covers the frame with glass shards of multi-colored glass pieces to create the shimmering bodies of man’s best friend, to celebrate our constant canine companions who give us the only true expression of unconditional love. Each unique breed is in honor of them.

Dale Chihuly
$29 million worth of artwork has been shared with the world from one of the most renowned gaffers; his creations are usually large-scale sculpture representations. If you travel to Las Vegas, you will not want to miss his ceiling sculpture in the Ballagio Hotel and Casino. It is indescribably complex, colorful and powerful. His work is displayed in over 30 US states, and Chihuly has been lauded as the most talented glass blower in the field.