Together, we made history! 

First Mexican-American in NYC Council.
First openly gay legislator in Brooklyn.

When we started this campaign, all we had was the determination to bring visible and vocal leadership to our community. Over the last nine months, we assembled the mightiest campaigns this city has ever seen. One-by-one you joined me as we walked the streets of our neighborhoods and directly connected to the hearts and minds of voters in a district who felt disenfranchised. Last night, voters said YES to a new kind of leadership that will be the voice of every family, no matter where they come from or who they marry, representing the voices of immigrants, working families and small businesses who decide to make Brooklyn their home. From Borough Park and Windsor Terrace to Red Hook and Sunset Park, we united not only under our common sense of struggle...last night we united under a banner of victory. 

Share your thoughts, ideas and concerns: #ProgressivesUNITE

THANK YOU for being a part of this very special and historical moment,

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El Diario: Carlos Menchaca es una voz refrescante.

Carlos Menchaca

Carlos Menchaca 

PUBLICADO: SEP, 6, 2013 12:01 AM EST 

Por ocho años, la concejal Sara González ha representado el Distrito 38, que incluye vecindarios como Sunset Park. Elogiamos su labor para mejorar el sistema de justicia juvenil, y el respaldo a los negocios pequeños en su distrito, pero su participación en el Concejo Municipal ha perdido fuerza. Pensamos que es hora de abrir paso a un nuevo líder con el entusiasmo necesario para encarar los problemas del distrito 

Carlos Menchaca es una voz refrescante. El candidato para el distrito 38 es miembro de la comunidad LGBTQ y activista. Se crió en un hogar de inmigrantes, aprendió inglés como muchos de los residentes en un centro de Head Start y entiende la desesperación de los padres cuando el distrito carece de dichos servicios. Su experiencia está basada en sus años trabajando en la oficina del Presidente del Condado Marty Markowitz y la Presidente del Concejo Municipal, Christine Quinn, un grado suficiente para entender y navegar el proceso político local.

Cuando el huracán Sandy afectó las zonas del Distrito 38, Mencacha organizó a la comunidad para brindar la ayuda necesaria. El potencial económico del distrito es evidente, y está en la agenda de Menchacha asegurarse que los contratos con la ciudad exijan la creación de empleos y talleres de formación laboral para los residentes.

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(Profiled) WNYC: Big Money, and Varying Messages, in Real Estate's Council Campaign



Beneath the loud back and forth in the mayor’s race, there’s a quieter campaign about the future of city council. A huge portion of the council advertising is being paid for by Jobs for New York, a real estate-backed independent political group, and they're using very different messaging in different districts.

Jobs for New York has raised more than $6.8 million from real estate interests, and it's led by officials with REBNY, the city's real estate industry group. It has spent more than $3.4 million on independent expenditures in 18 council districts. By comparison, candidates competing in those districts have spent a total of $4.4 million. That means in priority districts for Jobs for New York, for every three dollars spent by candidates, Jobs for New York has spent two.

On its website, Jobs for New York says it promotes good jobs and affordable housing. Council candidate Carlos Menchaca sees it another way. “It is a force from Manhattan millionaire developers," he said.

Menchaca is running for council in Brooklyn, in a district that includes Sunset Park and Red Hook, where new immigrant communities have moved into what’s historically been a Puerto Rican political stronghold. Menchaca, who is Mexican American, is running against incumbent council member Sara Gonzalez, who is Puerto Rican.

Jobs for New York has sent out mailers pointing out he’s from Texas, not Brooklyn. One has a pictures of suitcase and a straw cowboy hat, a cactus and a rodeo horse.

Menchaca said voters are bringing it up to him when he knocks on doors in the district.

“They show me these ads and they’re sick. They’re sick by it,” Menchaca said. “It’s not just in one community, it’s in every community. People are sick because they weren’t born in this city. So many people that I’m talking to in the 38th district have the same story. They came to New York. They’re making a better life for themselves and their own families.”  

Pat Purcell, an official with the United Food and Commercial Workers union, is advising Jobs for New York, and he was the spokesman Jobs for New York offered when WNYC called for comment. But Purcell said that he does not support this kind of messaging, which he said can backfire with New York City’s diverse electorate.

“I would never under any circumstance support a flyer that gives that impression,” Purcell said. But he was quick to defend Jobs for New York's overarching message. “An organization that supports good jobs, expanding the middle class, bringing more supermarkets to communities – that should not be a negative stamp of approval by anybody.”

The vast majority of Jobs for New York’s spending has been positive support for candidates – not negative ads. In the positive ads, the messaging is very different.

In the Brooklyn council district that includes Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights, Jobs for New York has spent more than 200-thousand dollars to support candidate Kirsten John Foy. One mailer calls him “an authentic progressive.” Another features Rev. Al Sharpton and shows the seal of Jobs for New York alongside his other endorsements, like UFT, SEIU, 32BJ, and CWA.  

There are other unexpected alliances. Ten of the candidates Jobs for New York is supporting also have the backing of the liberal Working Families Party, which is often on the other side of policy debates from big real estate. Bill Lipton, the state director of the Working Families Party, said that doesn’t mean there’s any emerging consensus on city policy. He suggests a more cynical motive.  

“Instead of trying to beat us, they’re trying to purchase influence with their very large checkbook,” Lipton said.  

And with a new a mayor and new council leadership coming, there are a lot of new relationships to forge in post-Bloomberg New York.

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WNYC : Council Races to Watch (Carlos For Council profiled)

 "Down ballot," things are pretty interesting for next Tuesday's primary elections. Ben Maxeditor of Decide NY, discusses some of the most interesting city council races, and take your calls to tout your race.

Listen here.




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My visit with Sing Tao Daily







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Councilmember Brad Lander and Assemblymember Joan Millman Endorse Carlos for Council




维乐贵丝在背书中表示,万齐家的名字在竞选初期并不为太多人所知,然而近期《纽约时报》对他的背书,进一步说明了他的能力得到越来越多人的支持。她说,万齐家在red hook珊迪飓风灾害援救工作中的突出成绩让她印象深刻,而江莎乐在执政中支持市长彭博延长任期的提案,违背了社区民意。


另一方面,老牌市议员江莎乐,今天也在社区人士的陪同下沿着八大道拉票,为自己在华人社区争取票数。(美国中文网 崔菡)

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Visit with Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association

市议员参选人 万齐家访中华公所

万齐家(Carlos Menchaca,右二)8月30日在布碌仑亚裔社区联合会会长陈纬麟(左二)陪同下拜访中华公所,寻求华人社区支持。(摄影:蔡溶/大纪元)
【大纪元2013年09月04日讯】(大纪元记者蔡溶纽约报导)布碌仑移民众多的日落公园第38选区市议员参选人万齐家(Carlos Menchaca),8月30日在其支持者、布碌仑亚裔社区联合会会长陈纬麟陪同下拜访中华公所,寻求华人社区支持。
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El Diario de Mexico

Dan Respaldo A Carlos Menchaca Para Concejal

3 / SEPTIEMBRE / 2013

Colonos del D-38 buscan sufragios a favor del mexicano estadounidense Carlos Menchaca
Virginia Alvarado

Carlos Menchaca va para concejal del D-38

Nueva York.- A una semana de las elecciones primarias en la Urbe de Hierro, familias inmigrantes mexicanas, activistas y empresarios salieron a las calles de Red Hood y Sunset Park en busca de votos a favor del mexicano estadounidense, Carlos Menchaca, quien busca ganar la contienda por el distrito 38 de la ciudad.

“En Nueva York hay una enorme comunidad mexicana y desde hace muchas décadas hemos vivido aquí, pero hasta el día de hoy no hemos tenido ningún representante de los nuestros en el Concejo municipal y llegó la hora de cambiar las cosas”, expresó el connacional, Oscar García.

Menchaca, disputa el curul del distrito 38 con la titular actual, la concejal Sara González que ha representado este sector de la ciudad por los últimos 11 años; sin embargo, el joven ha logrado en pocos meses ganar la simpatía de ocho uniones de trabajadores y el endorso del prestigiado rotativo The New York Times.
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2013 NYC Voter Guide: Carlos Menchaca


This online Guide contains profiles and videos of the primary election candidates, along with links to their websites and social media. Start by entering your address below to view a customized table of contents listing candidates that will appear on your ballot. Compare the candidates' platforms, bios, and where they stand on the issues so you can cast an informed vote on September 10th. Need more information about how and where to vote? Look under the All About Voting tab above for frequently asked questions and more. Go directly to the site here.

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Red Hook GET OUT THE VOTE Office opens!



Official Launch: Tuesday, September 3 at 5PM

We are so proud to be opening our new Red Hook GET OUT THE VOTE Office tomorrow, Tuesday, September 3. You can stop by and sign up for volunteer shifts from now until Election Day, pick up a poster or flyers and say hello to our unstoppable team.


351 Van Brunt Street (between Wolcott and Dikeman Streets)

Office will be open from 12pm-9pm, every day until Election Day.

Take Bus 61 from Downtown Brooklyn or Park Slope into Red Hook. Take F train to Smith and 9th and walk into Red Hook. Or you can bike to Red Hook, my preferred method of transportation...


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