Valuable Art
blowing glass bongsAt one point in time, blown glass was considered highly prized art, the value of which was in comparison to precious gems. Beginning from c. 3000 B.C., Egyptian sand was melted and molded into various shapes, becoming objects of art used for several purposes. It wasn’t until recently that glass blowing has been used to form bong and pipes, and the influx of creativity in blending colors and using old and new methods to design innovative pieces of artwork.

A Complicated Process
No two bongs or blown glass pieces are ever going to turn out the exact same, which makes glass blowing a true art, as individual as the glass blower themselves. Basic elements to actually form glass pieces, and can be done by anyone. Items include:

Base wall glass piece
Glass blowpipe
Curing oven
Metal tongs

There are several YouTube videos that approach the methods of melting, spinning, blowing, coloring and curing/cooling your glass piece. It takes patience and practice, as there are many ways your conceived outcome can be altered by the heating and spinnin. As long as you are willing to go through the process of trial and error, you are bound to create a glass piece that you can be proud of and use or give as a gift. So becoming a glassmith is not as difficult as it may seem!

Why Glass Blown Vessels Are Desirable
Glass is clean, easy to clean and does not taint what you smoke, with or without water by another taste or aroma, as does for example, a wooden pipe bowl. Past use residue is not an issue in a glass pipe.

blowing glass bongsIt’s also a one-of-a-kind item, whether you make it or you purchase it from a gift shop. It can be any shape, size, color, and as a decorative piece for your home, can match any decor in your room. Glass can also withstand a high concentration of heat without changing the compounds of the material it is composed of.

Evolution of the Product
Today, glass blowing products make up a multi-million dollar business, from the sale of museum art pieces, to factory manufacturing of glass blown products. The uniqueness in color additions and designs that have been created throughout the centuries makes it one of the most unique businesses in art ever conceived. There are only more unique patterns and strategies for gaffers to discover in time. No matter which direction the market may deviate, there will always be a desire to hold creations dear to us within our possession to admire and express individual style.